The Aron Regimen

The Aron Regimen is a revolutionary treatment plan that is highly effective in most patients. It really works!

The Aron Regimen is a treatment plan developed by Dr. Richard Aron to address the 3 hallmarks of severe eczema, inflammation, dry skin, and chronic infection with Staphyloccus aureus.

Nobody ever tells you treating a staph infection on the skin could be the key to healing your eczema.  However, with a treatment plan that treats staph, as well as dryness and inflammation. many patients achieve control of their eczema and end eczema suffering. 


Dr. Ryan has been treating chronic and severe eczema patients for many years and helped hundreds of children and adults end their suffering. 

He works in association with Dr, Richard Aron to bring Dr. Aron's revolutionary treatment regimen to those patients in Tennessee who suffer from eczema.

Everything can be done online by phone and/or email, so no in-person visit is necessary.

Let him design a custom plan to help you get  relief from eczema.

When you've tried everything, and nothing works...

One of the biggest challenges eczema patients and parents of eczema patients face is knowing what to do next.

That helpless feeling of being stuck…


  • I have used topical steroids

  • I have moisturized with every moisturizer known to mankind

  • I have used bleach baths

  • I have gone without bathing

  • I have changed detergents, soaps, and shampoos

  • I have eliminated certain foods

  • I have avoided certain foods​

  • I have tried every prescription cream invented

“But nothing I have tried works!”


The one thing that has consistently helped Dr. Ryan's patients is his personalized advice on your exact condition.  His expertise will guide you through your eczema problem to find relief. 

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Compassion for Real Families Suffering with Eczema

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Our wonderful son Baron has suffered from terrible eczema his entire life. It was a constant source of irritation and pain on his face, neck, arms, and legs. Creams, lotions, vitamins, supplements, dermatologists, pediatricians, allergy tests, dietary changes. You name it, we tried it.

​Two months ago, after more prayer and searching online, I discovered Dr. Aron, and his eczema-healing regimen. He says the reason other remedies don’t work is because they don’t address the issue—the staph infection on the skin. No one ever told me it was staph. His compounded three-ingredient cream is the key.

​The Bad News: Dr. Richard Aron lives in South Africa.

The Good News: Dr. Ryan Sullivan practices the “Aron Regimen” and is right here in Tennessee!

​We were a bit skeptical, but after just two days, Baron’s skin started healing and getting softer and thicker. After three weeks, his skin has never looked better. No more scratching. No more redness. It’s completely soft. It’s truly a miracle and answered prayer. We are astonished with the results. ​As a mom who adores her son, I could cry.

​If you or someone you know is suffering with eczema, I cannot say enough good things about this miracle, life-changing solution and the brilliant Dr. Ryan!

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