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Eczema Treatment Plan + 2 Follow-Ups


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Eczema Treatment Plan

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Step 1
Online Consultation

This is where I learn about your story with eczema. This information helps me to learn about your child’s history of eczema and the treatments you have already tried.


This step includes completing a short Patient History Form and uploading some photos of the affected skin. Think of this like an initial doctor’s appointment, but without the hassle of sitting in the waiting room for 45 minutes.


After reviewing all the information you have sent me, I will send you a Comprehensive Treatment Plan designed specifically for your child.

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Step 2

In this step, you will implement your personalized treatment plan.


After you take action on the behaviors and treatments I’ve recommended for you or your child, you will be amazed at the results!

Step 3

After you have started implementing the treatment plan, we will schedule two follow-up phone consults over the next few weeks.


​These follow-up consults are designed to evaluate your progress and address any challenges or questions you may have.


My program will teach you to use more than just moisturizers, steroid creams, and drugs as a quick fix for your skin.


Instead, I will provide you with a plan that addresses nutrition, lifestyle, and skin care changes that together have the potential to transform your skin.


These changes have changed the lives of countless other patients suffering from eczema, and I hope to change yours too.

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