Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


You might wonder, how is your treatment different? At this point, we know you probably feel like you have tried everything to find relief from eczema. 

We empathize with you. We also rejoice because you've finally come to the right place. Dr. Ryan is here to help you like he's helped hundreds of eczema sufferers.

How is the Aron Regimen Different?

The Aron Regimen treats 3 of the primary aggravating factors of  eczema which is:  a staph infection on the skin, chronic inflammation, and skin dryness. No other treatment plan has the proprietary blend of ingredients that is used in this compounded prescription.  ​​


Dr. Ryan is highly trained and experienced in using the Aron Regimen.  This internationally known regimen is the most effective treatment available for those who suffer with chronic atopic eczema. Dr. Ryan is the only doctor in Tennessee who works in close association with Dr. Richard Aron to provide relief to those in our state who suffer from eczema.

Do you take insurance?

Dr. Ryan wants to provide his eczema patients with quick, affordable access to expert care.

His online consultation is offered for a simple, flat fee. No insurance is required.


Dr. Sullivan reviews every case personally and prepares a custom treatment plan for each patient. This plan includes treatment recommendations along with tips and strategies for achieving and maintaining clear skin. Plus, you will receive two follow-up visits. 


Can't I just go to my local doctor or dermatologist?

Dr. Ryan is an expert at treating eczema.  He does it everyday in his practice. He knows how complex and complicated chronic, severe eczema is to treat.


Through your online consultation, he will spend the time to figure out what you need personally in order to get relief.


You will get a professional and customized treatment plan from the comfort of your home.  This means less time off from work or school for doctor’s appointments or sick days.


Less money wasted on medicines and creams that don’t work. Most importantly, you will get a treatment plan that really works in your battle against eczema. 

How long will it take to see improvement?

Healing is different for every person. Most of our patients see dramatic improvement in 2 to 3 weeks.


For others, it may be a slower process and take a month or more.


But no matter how long it takes, there are always ways to help your skin get better.

You've tried everything else, you have nothing to lose but potentially the best, most healthy skin of your life!