Meet Dr. Ryan

Tennessee's Board Certified Eczema Specialist

I help people with eczema heal. I believe that the foundations of quality healthcare are a strong patient-physician relationship, an integrative approach, and personalization of care. I am board-certified in internal medicine, and allergy & immunology and have been treating patients with eczema for over 15 years.  


I learned years ago that eczema can significantly impact the quality of life of those burdened with managing it.  It leads to feelings of frustration, helplessness, and isolation.  This website was created to offer a convenient way for me to come alongside someone who is suffering and do everything I can to end the isolation that I have seen affect so many people and families struggling with eczema. 


By sharing this journey together we learn more about ourselves, about the power of hope, and about the importance of community.  It is my firm belief that I have benefited more from treating patients with eczema than the patients themselves.  It is my joy and privilege to  help patients gain control over their eczema and to witness the transformation to safer, healthier, and happier lives.


When I am not treating patients I cherish spending time with my family and enjoy being goofy with my kids. I love hiking, traveling, and sipping coffee on the front porch with family and friends.  Our most recent big hike was a 26 mile 3 day journey along The Beaten Path Hiking Trail outside Red Lodge MT.  Thankfully, my kids did their best to slow down enough for me to keep up.  My oldest son recently went off to college at Auburn so traveling now involves frequent trips to the Plains.  My favorite coffee is brewed locally here in Columbia at Muletown Coffee and I love sharing a freshly ground, French press brewed cup of coffee with my wife Jen on the back porch in the mornings watching the sun peak over the horizon.

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