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Meet Dr. Ryan

Tennessee's Eczema Specialist

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How do I get relief from eczema?

One of the biggest challenges eczema patients and parents of eczema patients face is........ knowing what to do next.

That helpless feeling of being stuck…

I have used topical steroids

I have moisturized with every moisturizer known to mankind

I have used bleach baths

I have gone without bathing

I have changed detergents, soaps, shampoos, etc

I have eliminated certain foods

I have avoided certain foods


I have tried every prescription cream invented

“But nothing I have tried works!”


​My name is Dr. Ryan Sullivan and I am a board certified specialist on atopic eczema treatment.  I have been treating chronic and severe eczema patients for many years.  During that time I have learned that conventional treatment often does not work.  A custom treatment plan that uses a revolutionary treatment plan called the Aron Regimen is much more effective in most patients.​

Stop the unnecessary suffering of chronic eczema by scheduling an online consultation and treatment plan with me. 

Everything can be done  through my online consultation by phone and email, so no in-person clinic visit is necessary.





with Dr. Ryan

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Finally, real results from your eczema pain and suffering!

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Ready to get relief from eczema?


“My 7-year old son suffered from eczema. When we met Dr. Sullivan, we were exhausted. We had tried every treatment under the sun, most of which were incredibly expensive, and none that worked. Dr. Sullivan changed my son's life. 6 months in, he is a different kid -- happy, playing sports, and attending school. His skin is the best it has ever been in his life."

Nashville, TN

"Our 18-year-old son suffered from terrible eczema his entire life. It was a constant source of irritation and pain on his face, neck, arms, and legs. We tried everything. Creams, lotions, vitamins, dermatologists, pediatricians, allergy test, and dietary changes. Nothing worked. After continued prayer and searching online, we discovered Dr. Ryan. After just two days, our son's skin started to heal and get softer and thicker. After three weeks, his skin never looked better. No more scratching, redness, or open cuts. It's truly a miracle. Dr. Ryan changed our son's life!

Franklin, TN

"Prior to seeing Dr. Sullivan, my skin was red, inflamed, cracked, itching, bleeding on my hands and burning.  I have been insecure most of my life due to the look of my skin. Strangers have made hurtful comments like 'have you had a face peel or chemical treatment on your face?' In the few short months, I have been working with Dr. Sullivan, my symptoms have disappeared.  I feel confident for the first time ever!"

Spring Hill, TN

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